Traditional Keyframe Animation

Wrap and Review

Traditional Keyframe animation can be tedious, but the results are like nothing else. The best favor you can do yourself is learn to draw. Regardless of the career path you have in mind: learn to draw. And if you're interested in animation, pick up a copy of The Animator's Survival Kit.

What We Did

  1. Imported an image and changed the Stage size
  2. Inserted a new layer above the image and traced each frame with the paint brush
  3. Deleted the image layer and changed the outline from a bright color to black
  4. Inserted a new layer below the outline layer and painted the frog color
  5. Inserted a new layer between the outline and paint layers and added the eye color
  6. Changed the Document background color

Self-Check for Understanding

Would you like to try one or two on your own? Save one of these files to your computer and give it a shot: