Show Grid, Select Tools

Using the Color Mixer

The color mixer is a versatile tool used for more interesting and advanced Flash drawings. The color mixer should be in the upper-right section of your screen. If you don't see it, click Window and Color Mixer.

  1. Now, select the Oval Tool
  2. Using the Color Mixer, select no Stroke Color (you don't want an outline around your circle)
  3. Select the Fill Color
  4. Change the type from Solid to Radial


radial color mixer

Now modify the look of the gradient.

  1. You can add more color tabs by clicking on the slider bar. Double-Click each tab to change the colors.
  2. Drag the color tabs left and right. Experiment! Below the slider bar you can see a preview of how the gradient will look.

add color chips

If you have too many color tabs, select and drag straight down... once the tab disappears, you can release the mouse button:

remove color chips

Once you are happy with the preview, go ahead and draw a large circle in the middle of the stage. Hold the SHIFT button while you draw to make a "perfect" circle:

oval tool