Classic Tween Multiple Timelines

Insert a new MovieClip

This wheel is going to need to rotate AND move across the stage in order to get a project that looks like this. You can make this happen here on the main stage, but it's going to be a hassle if you want to make changes to both wheels, the car body, or the background later on. Because of this, we are going to paste the rotating wheel animation INSIDE a new clip. First, cut out all the animation frames.

  1. On the timeline, drag your mouse pointer from Keyframe1 to the last Keyframe in the animation in order to select all frames.
  2. Right-Click anywhere in the blacked out selection area
  3. Choose Cut Frames

Until now, you have created movieClips by using ConvertToSymbol. Now, create a movieClip from scratch using the menu to insert a new symbol.

  1. Choose Insert then New Symbol
  2. Make certain Movie clip is selected
  3. Name the clip wheel and click OK

  1. You are now working on the empty symbol wheel.
  2. Paste the animation you cut from the main timeline using right-click and Paste Frames on the timeline