Classic Motion Guide


Now that you have the concept, it's time to start running with it. In the example below, I created a smoother oval for the guide and left a little break so Flash could find a start and end point. Then I added some graphics below the animated MovieClip:

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Adding new layers will take a little patience because you won't want them to link with the Guide path unless you are tweening another MovieClip along the same path.

You will have to experiment with dragging the layer stacking order untill you get it right. One tip: drag the Guide layer instead of the tween layers linked to it.

Have a look at the timeline from the sample movie. Notice that only the car layer is a linked to the guide. First, I selected the Guide: car layer. Then I inserted and named four new layers. Finally I moved the Guide: car layer to the top of the stack, and the linked car layer followed with it: